Performance Tuning

Land Rover Performance Tune Figures

Defender TD5 – More Torque throughout the driving range

Standard Max Power: 127bhp
Autologic Max Power: 161bhp

Standard Max Torque: 212lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 248lb/ft

Defender 2007 – Lots of low-down torque will pull a trailer effortlessly

Standard Max Power: 132bhp
Autologic Max Power: 148bhp

Standard Max Torque: 233lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 267lb/ft

Freelander Td4 2.0L – Now a genuine towing vehicle, good fuel economy

Standard Max Power: 132bhp
Autologic Max Power: 150bhp

Standard Max Torque: 228lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 260lb/ft

Freelander 2 Td4 2.2L – Smooth delivery of power that keeps on pulling

Standard Max Power: 160bhp
Autologic Max Power: 185bhp

Standard Max Torque: 315lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 335lb/ft

L322 Range Rover Td6 – Seamless acceleration through every gear

Standard Max Power: 177bhp
Autologic Max Power: 200bhp

Standard Max Torque: 311lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 360lb/ft

Discovery 2 Td5 2.5L – Greater performance for motorway cruising

Standard Max Power: 140bhp
Autologic Max Power: 162bhp

Standard Max Torque: 222lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 268lb/ft

L322 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport TdV8 – Unleash the beast through 300bhp

Standard Max Power: 268bhp
Autologic Max Power: 320bhp

Standard Max Torque: 452lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 515lb/ft

Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport TdV6 – Superb acceleration, great fuel economy

Standard Max Power: 191bhp
Autologic Max Power: 240bhp

Standard Max Torque: 350lb/ft
Autologic Max Torque: 4020lb/ft

ECU Power Upgrade Prices (VAT included)


2.4 Defender 2007 onwards £415
2.5 TD5 Defender 2002 onwards £415

Range Rover

3.6 TDV8 Range Rover £595
TD6 Range Rover £550

Range Rover Sport

2.7 TDV6 Range Rover Sport £550
3.0 TDV6 Range Rover Sport £550
3.6 TDV8 Range Rover Sport £595


2.5 TD5 Discovery 2002 onwards £415
2.7 TDV6 Discovery 3 £550
Discovery 4 £550


Freelander 2 TD4 £415